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June 4, 2019
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Meridian Thighs Firming & Butt Lifting Therapy


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Massaging the legs, hip, neck and head meridian points to clear the blockage of the meridian, so that qi and blood can flow smoothly, activating cells with a magical lifting and reshaping of the legs and hip for a more curvy effect.


– Improves elasticity and firmness
– Prevention of varicose veins
– Solving menopause, aging, emotional and vascular problems
– Lifting and firming the buttocks
– Diminishes cellulites
– Elimination of edema, thigh fat
– Lighten the inner thigh pigment
– Strengthens the digestive system
– Improves the urinary system, reproductive system
– Improves back problems and strengthens knee joints

Treatment Range : Legs
Treatment Duration : 60 mins



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