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FEMMES (30g)


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① Regulating female hormones:
Entier Femmes is professionally created to target the reproductive health of woman.
regulating menstrual problems caused by imbalance of estrogen and lutein secretion in the body, which regulates the imbalance of female hormone secretion.
► Menstrual disorders such as menstrual pain
► Excessive menstrual blood
► Menopausal disorders
► Infertility
► Breast hyperplasia / breast pain

② For strengthening the function of uterine circulation:
► King of essential oil – Jasmine essential oil – Improves cold sensation and strengthens uterine contraction
► Queen of essential oils – Rose essential oil – Adjust endocrine, relieve menstrual pain, improve menopausal syndrome
► Neroli essential oil – can relieve headache, dizziness, anti-depressant, calming, muscle spasm, colic, nervous indigestion and anti-inflammatory

③ Skin effects:
► Specially treat stretch mark and lighten scars
► Lighten pigmentation effect
► Promotes skin collagen regeneration and increases skin elasticity
► Efficient moisturizing for up to 72 hours, with superior water retention capacity
► For menopausal skin, it can cushion the skin thinning time and prevent skin sagging, and rejuvenate the skin.

④ The effect of body regulation:
► Solve menstrual disorders, menstrual problems
► Can improve the medium and wide body type
► Improve anxiety, insomnia, depression, and depression caused by menopause
► Improve breast fibrocysts and breast pain problems.
► Promotes metabolism in the body, shape the body, creates a young and elastic skin, solves the problem of lower extremity edema, nocturia, and more dreams.

⑤ Applicable persons: women over 14 years old, menstrual disorders, menopausal women

Enhance cell nucleus function
MossCell Tec™ No. 1 – Enhances cell nucleus function for resilient skin
Intro: MossCellTec™ No 1 is based on the protonema culture of the moss Physcomitrella patens. The active maintains cell nucleus health that is a completely novel anti-aging concept. The cell nucleus contains the cell’s DNA and it is involved in regulating essential cellular processes.

MossCell Tec™ can enhances the function of nucleus cells to make the skin more elastic. If the nucleus pores in the narrow nucleus is caused by the toxins produced by the human body, the nutrition will not be delivered to the center and the French technology MossCell Tec™ used by ENTIER is to ensure that nuclear pores are removed so that nutrients can enter into the center and LAMIN-A inside the nucleus of the cells are in good condition.

If LAMIN-A aging occurs, our skin will also show aging wrinkles on the contiary. If LAMIN-A is healthy, our skin will become more flexible and tense, so the skin will be more moist.

Direction for use:
① Recommended for home use
② During menstruation, do not apply
Treatment & Maintenance period: 1 bottle per week

Apply 5 areas:
► Neck
► Breast
► Abdomen
► Belly button
► Back waist

③ Menstrual pain: need to use 3 – 7 days before coming to the menstruation

④ The average person loses weight and loses weight, use a box of Femmes every day for 7 – 14 days and apply it all over the body.

⑤ The following three types of people use a box of Femmes daily for 7 days before the menstruation.
► Menstrual disorders
► Adolescent girls
► Those who intend to become pregnant

*** Patients to avoid using: Cancer patients, pregnant women, lactators, people with endometriosis ***

Main Ingredients:
► Jasmine Oil
► Rose Oil
► Discorea Villosa Root Extract
► Vitis Vinifera(Grape)Flower Cell Extract
► Neroli Essential Oil
► Evening Primrose
► Centella

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